[Custom ROM] Nexus5 LineageOS17.1 Unofficial Download

I compiled LineageOS17.1 for Nexus5 published on the famous site xda developers of custom ROM on my own.

I actually installed it on my Nexus5 and used it, but it seems to be working fine, so I made it available for download on this page.

If you want to use it, please download it from the link below.


Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs for Nexus5 can be downloaded from GoogleDrive.

ROM: Nexus5 LineageOS 17.1 download

Every day, I get the latest source code of LineageOS at night and compile it.

Compiled custom ROMs will be up to the latest 3 generations on GoogleDrive.
(Old files will be deleted due to capacity.)


Google apps such as Google Play are not included in custom ROMs.

Download THE GAPPS below and bake it with a custom ROM.


  • Platform:ARM
  • Android: 10.0
  • Variant:pico Recommended

Known bugs, issues

[issues] Boot animation at startup is slow. It’s not smooth.

→ thought .zip be able to cope with the replacement of the boomanimation, and I created some patterns and replaced them, but they didn’t improve.

We are continuing to investigate.

In xda, because of the phenomenon that does not occur in the custom ROM z3DD3r was published, but should be able to solve .

Source code

The source code used for compilation is published below.

Lineage OS

LineageOS: https://github.com/LineageOS

Nexus5 source code

Device tree: https://github.com/toshio1822/android_device_lge_hammerhead/tree/lineage-17.1

Kernel tree: https://github.com/toshio1822/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/tree/line-17.1

Vendor tree: https://github.com/toshio1822/android_vendor_lge/tree/lineage-17.1